Photography by Kath Usitalo

Since 1898, the Parsons family has farmed the land and tapped the maple trees at Harwood Lake, about 12 miles south of Charlevoix. The fifth-generation syruping business, in the hands of sisters Katie Untalan and Amber Munday, now turns out “liquid gold” infused with bourbon, kumquat and ghost pepper. Find their syrup and maple products at Harwood Gold café in Charlevoix, where you can sip an espresso and dig into meat pies and goodies baked by Amber’s husband, Australian-born chef Phillip Munday.

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Kath Usitalo is the author of three books, “Secret Upper Peninsula: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure,” “100 Things to Do in the Upper Peninsula Before You Die” and “100 Things to Do on Mackinac Island Before You Die.”

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